Learn something new with other craft enthusiasts.

Whether it’s creating a rubber stamp, making jewelry, designing home decor, assembling wreaths or stitching a banner, there is so much to make and learn together. Join me for a creative workshop and play with different mediums ranging from wood and metal to paper and napkins to beads and stones to textiles and fabrics. All supplies are provided and no prior art experience is required.


2022 Fabric Journal Stitchbook (January-December)

Are you a textile enthusiast? Do you love fabrics, threads, ribbons and more? Join me for #onestitchamonth and get started on your very own mixed media fabric journal stitchbook. What’s a fabric journal stitchbook, you ask? It’s like an art journal or scrapbook, but the pages are made of muslin fabric, and instead of using just pens, pencils and paints, you incorporate textiles, needle and thread to make your creative imprint. Each month “journal” a new page in your stitchbook to capture one salient memory of the month. By year’s end, you’ll have 12 pages done in your stitchbook to commemorate 2022. Click here for more information. Please RSVP below if you would like to participate in #onestitchamonth. You will be emailed more specific information on how to get your very own stitchbook and how to get started fabric journaling.

Fall into Pumpkins

October 2020

Beautiful Fall weather is finally here, and you know what that means?! … it’s time for pumpkins, boots, fall decorations and hot apple cider! Get in to the Fall spirit and join me for some pumpkin-making. We’ll be making mini concrete pumpkins to decorate our doorsteps, tabletops and gardens. Your concrete pumpkin can either have a stem or serve as a small flower pot for a succulent. All supplies will be provided.

Hope at Home

September 2020

Summer is wrapping up and many of us are getting ready for a new academic year. Some of us have kids returning to school on-campus and others have kids returning to school online, at home. For those of us still doing the at-home thing, I can feel your pent-up, stir-craziness and I’d love to give you a gift of hope this month… a sign that God has not forgotten you, but rather He is still with you.

We’re going to decorate a house-shaped wood block sign with a simple reminder that life at home is still beautiful, still a blessing and a gift from above. Join me and take away some encouragement for the days ahead.


August 2020

Masks are part of our everyday life now and for some, masks have a tendency to bring our spirits down. We can’t see people’s faces, we feel stifled and limited, mask-ne is real and the list goes on. So here’s a happy for you. Let’s put a little joy in our mask wearing by bringing a stitch or two to our masks. We’ll use fabric scraps to enhance our masks and experiment with different stitches to personalize them. All supplies will be provided including masks, stitching supplies and fabric.

Decorative Wood Trays

July 2020

We are going to put together a decorative wood tray. This can also be transformed into wall decor with a few extra embellishments. Decorative paper napkins will be provided to each participant. Here’s what you need to craft with us:

– mod podge
– paint brush
– scissors
– wood palette (circle of rectangle)
– words, handles or other embellishments (optional)

We’ll have fun doing this together and you’ll have something beautiful to use in your home.

fabric flower Sussy Bags

June 2020

In light of the unrest and anger in our nation, let’s keep sharing our LOVE brightly and brilliantly. We need more love in our world than ever before. While we might not have a big circle of influence, we can start with the people God has placed around us. As I have been examining injustice and what my response is to it, I circle around these questions… Do I have to be right? How can I love better? Who can I share my love with? What relationship needs reconciliation? These are hard questions to grapple with, mainly because of the ugliness that is revealed in me. But then I reminded of this…. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins (I Peter 4:8). I am not perfect, but praise God that love blesses others AND covers over my imperfection and sin. 

Love looks and feels differently for everyone. What’s your love language …words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, physical touch? In our June Craft Day we’re going to lean into showing love through gifts. Have you heard of a sussy? It’s a small gift that you can give someone for no particular occasion other than love and friendship. Together, we will make small drawstring bags to hold some sweet sussies. Can you think of someone who would be blessed by receiving a sussy from you… as an act of love, reconciliation or care? 

You’re invited to join me to make sweet sussy bags out of muslin and mixed media. We will enhance a simple muslin drawstring bag with fabric flowers, stamps, stitches and more.