bible journaling

Bible journaling encourages you to reflect and respond to Scripture through visual arts.

I host bible journaling classes twice a month in Houston, Texas. Before class, all participants are emailed a short reflection about the verse/passage that we will “illustrate” during class. During class, we have a short time to share thoughts on the scripture we read. Then we learn an art technique to apply to the verse. Each class features a different maker-artist so many art styles and mediums are introduced over the course of a semester class. The creative style of art we engage in falls into the mixed media category. Instructions are generally front-loaded so each person can work at their own pace. All art materials for the lesson are supplied. Your art can be applied to a journaling bible, art journal or piece of paper.

You should expect to give yourself room to make mistakes, to try something new and to be open to where God might lead you. You may be surprised by how creative your soul can be if you let go. (And spoiler alert… things will look ugly and messy before they become beautiful… but isn’t that how life is too?)

Classes are free and if you’re interested in joining and live in the Houston, Texas area, please contact me for more specific class dates and location. Below is a sampling of some bible journal lessons I have shared.


I don’t know how you’re doing right now, but if you’ve hit a wall and need some encouragement, I’m here to tell you, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, WE CAN DO THIS! By no means am I riding a wave of constant optimism. In the midst of COVID-19, I have felt all the emotions ……

At Home with God

It doesn’t feel like Easter is this coming Sunday…. anyone else feel the same? It’s so surreal isn’t it? We’re not running around finding gifts for our kids’ Easter baskets, grocery shopping for a big Sunday gathering, picking which friends or family we’ll hunt Easter eggs with, packing for a long weekend out of town…

In the Wilderness

When the world “shut down” on Friday, March 13, it seemed like I internally shut down too. That first week I had a really hard time getting motivated to do anything. I was tired and anxious and stayed close to the couch for the majority of the week. I found myself in a dry place…

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