Sea of Grace retreat

January 13-16, 2023 | Galveston, Texas | Daily 5: Eat, Move, Rest, Pray, Create

We make life pretty complicated sometimes. It’s time for us to return back to the basics. Five simple daily practices can help our soul. This creative faith retreat isn’t about making new resolutions. It’s about returning back to what is truly essential in life. It’s simple. We’re gathering at the Sea of Grace to make time for what is important. Want to join me?

During this retreat, we’ll cook, take long walks on the beach, talk and share, pray for one another, be still, reflect, and create…. we’ll make new things, new friends, new discoveries, but above all, we’ll tend to our creative soul. God has a purpose and a plan for your life. He wants to tell you something amidst the crashing waves. Cease striving and know that I am God. But… how do we even begin to really know God? When we surrender and become still, He will make Himself known.

Round Top retreat

September 2-5, 2022 | Round Top, Texas | Meet the Maker

God has made you in His image . . . you are a creator and maker too, even if you don’t consider yourself one. Join us for a creative faith retreat to unwind, be still, and learn more about your creative soul. During the retreat we’ll enjoy several creative art sessions working with textiles and mixed media elements, including painting a floral canvas with artist, Stacy Spangler. There will also be time for meditation, reflection and listening. Learn and practice Lectio Divina, a contemplative way of reading the Bible dating back to the early centuries of the Church. Let your heart and soul be taught by the Maker in our midst. 

Beach retreat

January 14-17, 2022 | Galveston, Texas | Stitch, Pray… and Repeat

Come to the Sea of Grace. Develop a habit of prayer. Break your cycle of worry and action with stillness and surrender. Together, we’ll learn to slow our pace down while picking up the art form of slow stitching. We’ll put together a fabric prayer journal and stitch and pray what is on our hearts. We will learn to pray for ourselves and our loved ones. There is no prior art or stitching experience required. All supplies will be provided. New techniques and ways to integrate mixed media and textiles into your fabric journal will be introduced. You’ll learn fun techniques such as adding color to your fabric. making your own fabric washi tape, using stamps for your stitching, creating your own felt applique and slashing fabric… to name a few. Guest teachers include Stephanie Ackerman and Jean Pennington.  Join us and begin stitching prayers into the fabric of your life in the new year!

Canton retreat

June, 4-7 2021 | Canton, Texas | Makers, Pickers, Creators, Thrifters

This is an open invitation to sit on the porch for a while. Join me for a creative retreat to unwind and learn more about your creative self. Play and rest are important in the creative process, so every retreat includes a fun excursion and time to relax. We will to dig into God’s Word, receive His grace and uncover His creative spirit. Don’t expect perfection. Just come prepared to share, learn, create, laugh, cry, fail, and triumph. Faith and art will collide. And that is always a messy business.

This retreat is for all my Makers, Pickers, Creators and Thrifters. Are you ready for a fun weekend in Canton, Texas? We’re going to hit June First Monday Trade Days. In case you’ve never heard of First Monday Trade Days, it’s basically the world’s largest flea market. It’s something to experience! Do you want to join me? I’m looking forward to a weekend of hunting and gathering, finding treasures, refurbishing old while creating new things. We’ll dive into lots of creativity and play!

beach retreat

January 2-5, 2020 | Crystal Beach, Texas | In the Beginning, God Created

In the beginning God created …  and the Word was with Him.  The start of the new year is an invitation for us to “go back to the beginning.” Join me in January to dig into God’s Word, receive His grace and uncover His creative spirit. Retreating to the sea, we’ll be inspired by the expanse of God’s creation. Inhale time and truth, and be open to what God wants to do through you this year.

This is an open invitation to sit on the porch for a while. The hustle of the holidays are over and a new year is waiting on the horizon. It’s time to reconnect with what really matters. Vent, laugh, cry . . . pray, journal, dream . . . God’s listening and waiting to be with you. Take a walk or many long walks on the beach. There’s something about the ocean, it’s vastness and uncontrollable beauty that speaks to our soul. We’re often drawn to the sea searching its horizons for something to take away, and if we linger long enough, we always find something to take home with us. Together, let’s start the new year off right with God’s Word. Each guest will receive a Chronological Bible which portions out daily readings from Genesis to Revelations that can be completed in one year. Renew your commitment to God’s Word… you won’t regret it. Whether we are writing, reading, or praying … cooking, designing, or making … our actions will draw us closer to God as we acknowledge and join in His creative work. For God created all things and in Him all things were created. Let’s be Makers together. 

Waco retreat

Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2019 | Waco, Texas | Designed For You

The beauty of what God has created in you is indisputable. You are one-of-a-kind, made in the image of God and were created to create. Nobody can do what you can. God has made us all creators and artists, even if you don’t consider yourself one. You have potential, purpose, and dreams to develop. There are endless ways to unleash that. This weekend will give you time and space to unwind and learn more about your creative self. Join me for a soul-inspiring long weekend to discover, nourish, and grow your creative soul. Create and be rebuilt. 

let’s retreat together

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